HEARTS PW Presents Its Totally Rad Red Party


On Friday, Feb. 10, HEARTS PW (Helping Enrich the Arts of Port Washington) will be hosting its annual Red Party. This year’s Red Party is 80s themed and has been named the Totally Rad Red Party. Live Music, fun food and festivities at this year’s Red Party will correspond with the throwback to the 80s theme.

HEARTS PW is an independent, not-for-profit community organization whose mission is to add value to children’s lives and the community by supporting, promoting and enriching the arts in Port Washington. Each year, HEARTS PW provides grants and programs to support the arts in Port’s public schools and community.

HEARTS PW’s Red Parties honor Port residents involved with the local arts and provides an opportunity to raise money for the grants and programs HEARTS PW provides each year.

“Red Party gives us a chance to recognize and honor those in the community who have helped make a difference in the arts, both in our schools and across the community,” said Eric Gewirtz, Board President of HEARTS PW. “We were able to hold [the party] last year for the first time in a couple of years due to the pandemic.”

Four women in the Port community are being honored this year for their incredible contributions to the arts. Honorees include Melisa Williams, Brett King Grossman, Lisa Heller Marschall and Miranda Best.

“Last year, we inaugurated an award titled the Arts Educator Leadership Award, where we get to honor an art teacher in the public schools for the work that they’ve done,” said Gewirtz. “This year we’re very honored to be recognizing Miranda Best, who has spent more than 25 years in the public school district here in Port Washington leading visual arts classes.”

Best has worked for about five years at Weber Middle School and the last 20 years at Schreiber High School. She has taught painting and sculpture classes and has led mural projects with her students.

“She brings in visiting artists to speak with students and give them firsthand experiences and accounts of what they do in their life and their practice,” said Gewirtz. “She’s incredibly inspiring and we’re thrilled to be recognizing her for her tremendous contributions.”

All of the money raised at the Red Party goes directly into the grants program for next year, which will go to both the public schools and community partnership programs.

“[The Red Party] allows us to not only recognize these incredible people for their contributions to the arts and the way they make a difference in the community but also to help us further and realize our mission,” said Gewirtz. “It helps us be able to impact these art experiences, create equity, create access, and provide creativity and moments of inspiration and imagination for so many people.”

The Totally Rad Red Party is on Friday, Feb. 10, at 7 p.m. in the Polish American Hall on Pulaski Place. The Red Party is open to the public as long as a ticket to attend is purchased. Donations are welcome if you cannot attend the party and want to contribute. Visit heartspw.org to buy tickets and learn more about the Red Party.

The next big event hosted by HEARTS PW for the community is PortFest, which will take place this Spring on May 21.


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