HEARTS Grants Awards


The Fifth Annual PortFest, on Saturday, May 14, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Schreiber, is a community-
wide arts and music festival organized by HEARTS (Help Enrich the Arts of Port Washington). Damon Gersh, founder and chairperson of HEARTS, started PortFest because he believes in the importance of arts in schools. HEARTS will be awarding nearly $55,000 for creative arts programming in Port schools. In three years, HEARTS has awarded nearly $145,000 for arts programming in the Port community. A $15,000 grant from the Peter & Jeri Dejana Family Foundation will contribute to the 2016 grant program, as well as to PortFest, the much-loved annual fundraiser for HEARTS. Go to www.pwportfest.org for information about volunteering, donating and advertising. HEARTS 2016 grant recipients are:PortFestgrants042016A

Dancing Classrooms. All fifth-grade students participate in a 10-week ballroom dance class.

Curtains Up: An Elementary Musical Theatre Experience! Fourth- and fifth-grade students after-
school musical theater program/club.

District Band Spectacular at Tilles Center. Band students in fifth through twelfth grade perform.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) in the 21st Century Art Class. The purchase of extended-range cameras and equipment.

Main Stage Productions. Funds will be used to offset costs of Schreiber’s annual production.

Shakespeare in Performance. Students will participate in workshops with a classical actor.

Electronic Composition using 21st Century MIDI Technology. MIDI keyboards and interfaces.

Solarplate Etching: Exploring Identity. Inventor of solarplate etching will work with AP Art students.Portfest040616E

Creation and Animation with Light Painting.
The purchase of a “Pixelstick.”

The Memory Project. The Art Honor Society
will make portraits of children around the world.

Pop Choir. Students participate in a select choir.

Weber Woodwind & Brass Ensemble. A woodwind and brass ensemble group.

Audio/Theatre Tech Club. This new student club will focus on learning audio and video editing.

Weber Music Composition Club. Instruction in music composition.

Role Playing WWII Literature. Eighth graders learn about history and people affected by WWII.

Story Time Dance Program. Music to explore.

Daly Writers. Fifth-grade students will learn to express themselves through writing and acting.

Charlotte’s Web Arts-in-Education Program. Second-grade students see Charlotte’s Web.

Broadway Workshop: School of Rock. Fifth-grade workshop taught by cast and musical directors.

Terpischore from Shore to Shore. Guest artists.

HEARTS’ Bach to Rock Teen Jam Nights. In weekly jam sessions for teens.

Port Summer Show. Funds to offset costs of show’s annual production.


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Maura Vernice is the former editor of Port Washington News.


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