HEARTS Announces 2019-20 Grants

Storytime Theater (Photo by HEARTS)

HEARTS PW, an independent, grassroots nonprofit community organization whose mission is to add meaningful value to children’s lives and the community by supporting, promoting and enriching the arts in Port Washington and its public schools, recently announced the grant recipients for 2019-20.

“We’re very proud of the hard work we put in and how it ends up paying off in this way,” said HEARTS President Joel Ronis. “We’re thrilled we’re able to help the community and spread our vision.”

Of the 24 total grants, there are 19 school district grant recipients and five community recipients.

Three new programs are receiving grant funds from HEARTS. The programs include the Photography Studio for Students at Schreiber High School, which gives students a hands-on experience with professional-level equipment, allowing them to learn standard industry tools and lighting techniques, create elevated artwork and expand their overall knowledge. Jazz Day with Tony Kadleck will allow Schreiber Big Band participants to work and perform with world-renowned jazz trumpet player Tony Kadleck, creating an opportunity to learn from and play with a professional musician. The Community Synagogue Theater Company program will support the company’s musical production, which all Port Washington residents, children and adults are encouraged to audition for and be a part of.

The single district-wide grant this year is the district chorus spectacular at the Tilles Center for Performing Arts, which is funded in partnership with the Creative Arts Department and The Ed. Foundation. Chorus students from fifth to 12th grade will have the opportunity to perform in a world-class concert hall.

All of the elementary schools and Weber Middle School received grant funds to provide scholarships for students to attend the district’s summer music program. All elementary schools received funds for Afternoon Artists, Curtains Up: A Musical Theatre Experience and Dancing Classrooms.

“We really like the programs that are sustainable and are largely participated in like Curtains Up,” said Ronis. “We got feedback from parents and they said it really changed their kids’ lives, they didn’t necessarily fit in and this gave them a peer group and confidence. Dancing Classrooms, which is a ballroom dancing event, puts the kids in situations they are uncomfortable, but they become comfortable and confident and get a better view of the world.”

Schreiber High School received funding for six programs, including The Memory Project, during which the Art Honor Society creates portraits of children and teens around the world who have been orphaned, neglected or disadvantaged to provide them with special memories that capture their childhood; Classical Theatre of Harlem program; and the fall drama and musical productions put on by Schreiber Theatre Company.

Weber Middle School once again secured grants for woodwind and brass ensemble, Full STEAM Ahead, the music tech/AV club and the Weber Pop Choir.

Daly Elementary School received funding for the To Life, To Life program, during which third graders bring notable historical figures to life through live performance, and Dance, Dance, Dance. Salem Elementary School will have funding for Storytime Theater and Ailey Dance Kids.

The community is also a recipient of HEARTS’ grants. The Port Washington Parent Resource Center Music Program for Stepping Stone Classes, the Port Washington Senior Center painting class, the Port Summer Show 2020 summer production and HEARTS Master Class at Landmark on Main Street received funding.

HEARTS does not release the total amount of funding nor the individual funding for each grant.

For more information about HEARTS, visit www.heartspw.org.

What do you think of these grants? Email cclaus@antonmediagroup.com with your thoughts.


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