Studio’s Eclectic Offerings


offeringsWe all know art is hard. And in this current climate, so is business. Despite these setbacks, Port Washington’s Haven Art Studio has managed to open to increasingly positive reception.

Though built from the remains an existing studio, Haven shares nothing with its predecessor.

“There was a studio here before, but we didn’t buy the business,” said owner and manager Heidi Stephens. “We started our own.”

Stephens and her husband worked hard to revitalize and the business by introducing new offerings, like fashion design. “We bought all new equipment,” Stephens said. “Literally everything is new. We also broke down walls and painted the entire place—ceilings, floors, etc. My husband even ripped up the carpet and put down all new floors.”

While this renovation is aesthetically pleasing, it’s only half the battle.

Haven opens in an area lush with existing studios. Luckily, this studio has a number of unique qualities to set itself apart from the competition. Of these qualities, there are two that are most prevalent, the studio’s professionally trained and certified staff, and the variety of classes offered.

“Our staff is the real deal,” Stephens said. “All of our teachers are professional artists” and have either bachelors of masters degrees in fine arts.

Also, Haven doesn’t just offer painting. “We’re a full-fledged ceramics studio, too,” Stephens said.

Other classes include sewing, fashion illustration, comic books, and mixed media.

While these professional and aesthetic aspects are appealing to many, perhaps the most defining quality of Haven lies in its attention to individualism. Stephens, who is one of nine children, has been actively creating, selling, and teaching art throughout her whole life. As such, there is a level of authenticity inherent within the studio.

“I grew up with a big family,” Stephens said. “I have five sisters and three brothers. So I’m really a people person. I think that’s what makes me a good fit to run this place. I’m used to being around and dealing with a lot of people.”

Not one to take credit wholly, Stephens attributes a lot of Haven’s success to her husband, who she describes as “the behind-the-scenes guy.”

Stephens goes on to say that her husband rounded up financing, got materials for the renovations, procured all the equipment, and did market research.

So, for those looking for a personal, hands-on artistic experience, Haven Art Studio is an option. With a variety of classes, a unique learning environment, and an expert staff, it might be called a one stop shop for art of all types.