Hair Care Is Fun At Tori’s Place


Valentina Hartman is the proprietor of Tori’s Place, a wonderful, child-friendly hair salon, that provides haircuts and styles for the entire family. There are many other services available including ear piercing, manicures and children’s parties. Tori’s Place is located at 10 Willowdale Ave.

Valentina Hartman, owner of Tori’s Place, her mother Maria Giraldo and daughter Tori with Bella the therapy dog

From a young age, Hartman had a natural talent for makeup and hair; for her it is an art. Right after high school, she entered cosmetology school and eventually pursued the dream of opening her own business. Unable to secure a loan, she used her credit cards, hard work and her mother’s help to accomplish her goal. For 11 years now she has been running a flourishing family business.TorisPlace031616A

Her daughter, Tori, was a baby when Hartman first opened her business and was the motivation behind the opening of Tori’s Place. As Hartman puts it, “At the salon, I could always have my daughter with me.” There was a play area in the salon, customers brought their kids and days were filled with playdates and friends for Tori while Hartman worked. It was perfect, and according to Hartman, “Port welcomed me with opened arms.” She moved to Port Washington the same year Tori’s Place opened because she found the people here to be so amazing and she loved the diversity. Port Washington was the place she wanted to raise her daughter.

Haircuts can be very difficult for some children and it is with these children that Hartman and her mother apply their skill, kindness and understanding. Hartman talks with parents, doesn’t rush children and gains their trust. She will not use a buzzer on those with sensory issues and talks them through their haircut. For some, she will massage their hand with the buzzer in order to help alleviate their fear. Because Hartman’s nephew is on the spectrum for autism, she has first-hand knowledge and a keen understanding of children. According to Hartman, “Some kids just need more time and no one is ever judged here.”

Tori is 11 years old, in middle school now and helps create a fun and comfortable atmosphere for young customers. Three generations provide a positive experience for customers. For Hartman, her mother and daughter are her greatest assets. You can also find Bella, a therapy dog, at Tori’s Place. Bella is an
enjoyable distraction, relieving anxiety for those children not comfortable in different settings. Bella has been at Tori’s Place for two months and has already been helping children.

Hartman has been piercing ears since 1991 and has an exceptional reputation. At Tori’s Place, instruments are used one time and both ears are pierced at the same time in a safe and sterile setting with a licensed staff.

The dreaded lice situation is also addressed at Tori’s Place, where it quickly becomes a non-issue. Hartman took a course in Colombia where she learned how to treat lice, then trained her mother in natural ways to remedy the problem. Organic oil and a special comb are used instead of dangerous chemicals that lice have become resistant to. They comb through hair section by section. According to Hartman, “It’s not the worst thing in the world and I do get rid of it.” She also makes house calls in addition to one and two week rechecks.

To get more information about Tori’s Place,
go to or call 516-767-7672.
Tori’s Place is located at 10 Willowdale Ave.




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