EPA-Required Sampling For Lead, Copper Underway In Port


The Port Washington Water District (PWWD), as part of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) triennial lead and copper sampling program, will be conducting tests at various, preselected homes throughout the water district’s service territory. The testing helps to ensure lead and copper levels remain at the lowest levels possible and provide further evidence that three decades of proactive measures by the water district remain effective.

“The Port Washington Water District, along with all Long Island water providers, exhaustively tests and provides water treatment to minimize lead exposure in our residents’ drinking water,” said PWWD chairman David Brackett. “This required testing is nothing out of the ordinary, but it will provide us with another level of assurance that the steps we’ve taken over the past several decades remain effective.”

As stated by the United States EPA and New York State Health Department regulations, the Port Washington Water District is required to conduct lead and copper sampling from preselected homes within its service area once every three years. The selected homes are chosen based on age of construction, which helps to more accurately determine if lead solder was used in the plumbing system or if a home has a lead water service. The ultimate goal of the sampling program is to determine the effectiveness of the district’s corrosion control program as successful corrosion control treatment minimizes the amount of lead and copper that could leach from the plumbing system into the domestic water supply.

“Our last round of comprehensive sampling was conducted in 2015, and all results complied with EPA, New York State and local health department standards,” said PWWD commissioner Peter Meyer. “Treatment protocols haven’t changed—we expect the same results this year as we have had in years past—but it is vitally important for our customers to participate so we can confirm our approach.”

Letters have been sent to the preselected homes that meet the EPA’s strict priority testing criteria for this important program. More specifically, this criteria includes homes that have been constructed between 1982 and 1986 with copper tubing and lead solder. All homeowners will be provided with a copy of the results from within their home and will be notified whether or not any detectable levels of lead are cause for concern. If levels are of concern, the district will provide the homeowner with recommendations on how to correct issues. Testing through this program is free of charge and the district can make arrangements to have the sampling bottle picked up to limit any inconvenience.

“If you’ve received a letter from the district, we implore you to participate in this testing program,” said PWWD Commissioner Mindy Germain. “It is vital to confirming the effectiveness of our water treatment and ensuring the plumbing systems within your home are not a danger to you and your family. If any homeowner believes that their home meets the testing criteria and has not received a letter from the District, they are encouraged to contact us immediately. The safety of our residents’ water is paramount.”

All results of lead and copper testing are presented to residents in the annual drinking water quality report. Port’s tap water remains to be of the highest quality possible and safe to drink.

For additional information, visit the UPSEPA’s website at www.epa.gov, or contact the PWWD at 516-767-0171 or at info@pwwd.org. If any homeowner is unsure whether or not they have a lead service line or lead solder in their home, they are advised to contact a local certified plumber who can conduct an inspection.

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