Entrepreneurs At Schreiber Are Finalists In The National Business Plan Competition


Virtual Enterprises (VE) announced ten Long Island schools are finalists in VE’s National Business Plan Competition (NBPC) happening April 17-19 during VE’s annual Youth Business Summit at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan.

More than 2,400 students from 80 Long Island schools attended VE’s Long Island Regional Conference and Exhibition held at LIU Post from January 10-11. During that time, dozens of students presented business plans to a panel of judges during the first round of the business plan competition. Forty student businesses were chosen to advance to the competition’s second round, yielding the 10 Long Island finalists.

During the Long Island Regional Conference and Exhibition, nearly 100 simulated businesses created and run by Long Island students participated in a live, interactive trade show and competed for best business plan, best sales pitch, best exhibit booth, and more. The annual event draws Long Island students who run simulated businesses with their classmates involved in the VE program as well as around 100 corporate volunteers from regional business, colleges and industry.

Schreiber High School’s student entrepreneur group, Nectar is an American-made car accessory company dedicated to providing a safe driving experience. Nectar’s groundbreaking honeycomb technology protects drivers from the blinding sun in their eyes. To ensure safety, there are multiple options to choose from. The honeycomb technology consists of a gray spot that tracks the driver’s eyes to block the sun while still leaving a clear view of the road.

From the left: Richy Xie (CSO), Emelia Adler (CAO), Alexander Wing (COO), Zachary Birbiglia (CEO), Lian Pines (VP of Finance), and Jason Greenblatt (CFO). (Photo from Virtual Enterprises)

The Nectar team is Richy Xie (CSO), Emelia Adler (CAO), Alexander Wing (COO), Zachary Birbiglia (CEO), Lian Pines (VP of Finance), and Jason Greenblatt (CFO). Jennifer Herber is the Visual Enterprise class teacher at Schreiber.

The Port Washington News reached out to the Nectar team to see how the students are feeling about their accomplishments and the upcoming finalist competition.

“It took an unbelievable amount of work and determination. But with confidence, we strived, and with time, we prospered,” said Birbiglia, Nectar CEO. “I am exuberant about the opportunity to go to Nationals but I am focused on the challenge.”

Greenblatt, Nectar’s CFO said, “Initially qualifying for Nationals seemed like an insurmountable task but with persistent effort and attention to detail we answered the call. I’m excited for the opportunity to network with other businesses in Virtual Enterprise.”

Nectar’s COO, Wing said, “We found a real problem in the world and we did our best to find a solution and worked hard to make our ideas come to life. I am excited to participate in a competition with others who are interested in business and entrepreneurship.”

Windshield replacement with Nectar tech. (Photo from Nectar)

Visit nectarny.wixsite.com/nectarvisors to learn more.

The VE program solves one of the biggest challenges facing education and the economy today–providing students with the best career and college-readiness experiences possible. VE’s apprenticeship model helps students identify a career path, develop 21st-century business and management skills and help shape their college journey. When compared to other high school students throughout the U.S., VE students reported a higher likelihood of going to college, feeling better prepared for it, and identifying future career interests.

—Reporting by Julie Prisco
with additional information
provided by Virtual Enterprises