Editorial: Questions For Clowns


Wait a second, I thought Ringling Bros. went out of business this past spring?

The Most Dysfunctional Show on Earth rolled on this past week, as the nation’s president and his rogues’ gallery of morally bankrupt losers continue to make it damn-near impossible for me to write about anything other than how much anxiety this administration bestows upon me on a daily basis.

Please allow me a few general, rhetorical questions:

If I feel anxiety everyday, do I actually feel anxiety or is this just life now?

Is the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci as communications director part of Trump’s strategy in inflict more chaos on the republic or are his hiring policies merely accidentally head-scratching?

Is the president’s ban on transgender military service-people only coincidentally linked to funds he needs to build his much-hyped Mexican border wall or is he really trying to curb military spending—and if he is indeed trying to curb military spending, does he know that the U.S. military spends five-times more on Viagra than it does on transgender health programs? And further, why is the military spending so much cash on Viagra? Have they weaponized erections?

If there is an epidemic of “leakers” in the White House, what would be the best month for a “National Leaker Appreciation Day” to honor these American heroes? And if White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus is the leaker, how do I reconcile my newfound gratitude toward him with my previously held outright disdain for his campaign-trail machinations?

How will the Boy Scouts’ leadership address Trump’s inappropriately political jamboree speech? How will they get the message across to the young men in their ranks that being a sore winner and an egotistical gloat is no way for a leader to act?

And finally, how much more of this democratic and societal devastation can we all be expected to take?

—Steve Mosco


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