Obit: Dr. Jacqueline Danielle Urcan Schroeder



Jacqueline Danielle Urcan Schroeder

Dr. Jacqueline Danielle Urcan Schroeder, age 38
It is with an extremely sad and heavy heart that we announce the passing of Dr. Jacqueline Urcan Schroeder. Jacquie is survived by her husband Brian, children William, Lucia, John and Jake, mother Valerie, sister Elise, nieces Juliana and Kylie, nephews Landon and Mason and grandmother Lucia Yakacki.

Jacquie graduated from Paul D. Schreiber High School in 2000 and received her PhD in Clinical and School Psychology in 2011 from Hofstra University. Jacquie passed away on March 16. It was the culmination of an eight year battle that started with being diagnosed with two rare genetic disorders. Those disorders led to many other complications and ended with her going into septic shock from a severe internal infection. Jacquie was in constant pain and suffered throughout the remaining years of her life. She put up the good fight for the sake of her family.

Jacquie was a very kind and loving person to her family and friends. Her children were the center of her world. She was a caring and generous person who would sacrifice anything for the ones she loved. The family is appreciative for the love, support, thoughts and prayers from our friends, family and the entire community during this most difficult time.
Due to the hard times we are living in because of the COVID-19 virus, the family was unable to have a proper service for Jacquie. Therefore they will be having a memorial service once the world returns to a semi-normal state which will be open to any and all people who cared about Jacquie. Jacquie will surely be missed by all whose lives were touched by this amazing woman.


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