Dave Franklin Is Running For Reelection


dave-franklin2Special district elections are set for Tuesday, December 13

“My job is to serve the people of Port Washington with accountability, accessibility and transparency,” said Police Commissioner Dave Franklin as though he has been given a higher calling that has compelled him to seek what is best for the community that he sees the best in.

Franklin was born and raised in Jersey City, NJ. He attended St. Peter’s Prep and recalls being a frail, lonely child with “Buddy Holly” glasses. At St. Louis University in Missouri, Franklin received his degree in communicatons and has spent 33 years working for HBO.
When Franklin moved to Port Washington in the 1980s, he was overwhelmed by the sense of community that the unincorporated area holds. He recalls that one of the mothers of a child in his son’s class at St. Peter’s fell ill and, almost instantly, a group of class mothers organized efforts for laundry, dinner drops and chauffering the children around. “It was amazing the way everyone came together and I wanted to be a part of it,” Franklin said.

Since he moved to Port Washington, Franklin has performed in the Red Stocking Review for 17 years, is a member of The Ancient Order of the Hibernians, a lector at St. Peter’s, a board member of the Port Washington Crisis Relief Team (he was on hand helping people out during Hurricane Sandy), he reads aloud to children at the elementary schools and PRC, and has coached PAL football. He can also be found in the back flipping pancakes for the Kiwanis pancake breakfast or helping to get the soup on during the SOUPer Bowl. He is a presence on the stage with local theater, but one of his favorite roles is that of Santa’s helper, appearing on behalf of the jolly man in red at several holiday events like the annual Christmas Tree Lighting at Blumenfeld Park.

During the past six years as commissioner, Franklin thinks that his greatest achievement has been better communication with the constituents. He believes that he has made himself very accessible and is constantly checking in with the public to find trouble spots for running stop signs, speeding, general lawlessness and ways to improve the quality of life. “Greater communication leads to greater public safety…I like to do what has to be done. It doesn’t matter who sees me doing what is right, as long as I know that I am doing the right thing, that is all that matters.”

The special districts election takes place on Dec. 13 with four individuals running unopposed for their positions. William Scaglione is running for Garbage commissioner, Mindy Germain for water commissioner, Donald Kurz for sewer commissioner and Franklin for police commissioner. Each candidate would like to remind the community that even though the election is uncontested, it is still extremely important to get out to the Polish Hall on Pulaski Place and vote.


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