Dance For A Cure

Event organizer Sara Siskind is flanked by (l.) Jessica Simpson and Jasmine Sanker, both from Deeva Dance
Event organizer Sara Siskind is flanked by (l.) Jessica Simpson and Jasmine Sanker, both from Deeva Dance

The first North Shore Dance for a Cure, organized by Port Washington resident Sara Siskind, took place at the Ballroom Palace Dance Studio to raise funds and awareness for children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

DeeVa Dance and Fitness of Port provided the entertainment and Siskind’s business, Hands On Healthy, and Setton Foods provided nutritious snacks.

The aim of Dance for a Cure was to allow for more research, education and support for children living with the disease. Funds raised at the event will be invested in research by The Children’s IBD Center at Mount Sinai Hospital that includes lectures, discussions and support groups, as well as treatments.

Siskind knows first-hand about IBD.

“Millions of kids experience the debilitating and devastating effects of IBD, including my son Myles,” she said. “No matter how serious your child is effected, we want all IBD kids to lead healthy, productive lives. This event is for us to all cultivate healthier habits and have some fun as we design a future without IBD.”

Great Neck resident and mom Lisa Goodwin is involved with The Children’s Center at Mount Sinai. Her son was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when he was 10. The center has been a tremendous support to her son and family, as well.

“Having a child with any illness is not something any parent looks forward to,” said Dr. Keith Benkov, who treats Siskind’s son. “Even more challenging are illnesses like Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, as no one likes to talk about bowel diseases, no one can predict how it will turn out and no one has enough solutions to all the unanswered questions. Families getting together and sharing information, resources and supporting the courageous kids with these conditions is a tremendous boost to their wellbeing and raising funds for research can help so many others.”

As part of the event, the dancers of DeeVa Dance and Fitness tought community members hip hop cardio routines. There was healthy food, raffle prizes and gift bags. Proceeds went to The Children’s IBD Center at Mount Sinai. For more information visit: and

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Karen Talley is the former editor of Port Washington News.


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