Creating A Better, Safer Manorhaven


This is in response to a letter to the editor in the March 4 issue from a resident who said the village was unresponsive to his comment. The specific comment related to a sign that was recently installed at the intersection of Manorhaven Boulevard, Kirkwood Road and Orchard Beach Road. For decades, there have been only two stop signs at that four-way intersection: heading east on Manorhaven Boulevard and on Kirkwood Road where it meets the boulevard. Knowing the issue with drivers at that stop sign not always giving way to cars, the village installed a sign alerting drivers that oncoming traffic and traffic coming from Orchard Beach Road is not required to stop. This was done for the time being since, when the boulevard is repaved by the county as part of the boulevard’s comprehensive improvement plan, stop signs, crosswalks and ADA compatible ramps will be installed for greater safety and handicap access. This was explained to the complainant. Of note is the fact that the resident sent the emails over the holidays in December and was responded to by the village clerk in a timely fashion, contrary to his claim.

Mayor Avena, the board of trustees and staff of the Village have worked hard over the past four years to make Manorhaven a more pleasant, safer and cleaner place to live. Just a few examples are changing winter parking regulations to alternate side only during snow emergencies, dramatically improving snow removal, paving roads and overhauling the ancient sewer system. Any questions or comments related to the Village of Manorhaven should be addressed to village clerk Abramski at or by calling Village Hall weekdays at 516-883-7000.

—Manorhaven Village Hall


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