Councilmember Dalimonte Honors Local Pharmacist Jason Leung


North Hempstead Town Councilmember Mariann Dalimonte was proud to recognize the outstanding dedication of local pharmacist Jason Leung. On May 24, along with members of the community, Councilmember Mariann Dalimonte presented Jason with a citation acknowledging his unwavering commitment to the community.

Councilmember Dalimonte celebrates Jason Leung and presents a citation to honor him for his hard work and dedication to the Port Washington community. (Contributed photos)

“Jason has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to the well-being of the residents of Port Washington. As a local pharmacist, he is an integral part of Port Washington,” said Councilmember Dalimonte. “His dedication to others embodies the spirit of the Port Washington community and is truly inspiring.”

Mr. Leung, a beloved member of the Stop & Shop family, has consistently gone the extra mile to ensure the health and safety of his customers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has tirelessly worked to provide essential services and even personally deliver medications to customers’ vehicles to help keep them safe and protected.

Nina Rivera, a loyal customer, and resident of Port Washington, expressed her admiration for Mr. Leung, saying, “Jason has a gracious personality and unremitting work ethic. He continues to go above and beyond for the community he cares passionately about. His expertise and compassion have made a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals.”

The celebration drew an overwhelming show of support from community members, who eagerly gathered to express their gratitude and appreciation for Jason.

—Submitted by the Town of North Hempstead