Community Comes Together For A Quarterly Park Cleanup Event



Melanie D’Arrigo, Kim Keiserman, Baxter’s Pond Foundation Board member and Janet Lavin are at the ready for the summer clean up at Baxter’s Pond. (Contributed photo)

Committed to improving the cleanliness and beauty of their community, volunteers came together to clean Baxter’s Pond Park in the Village of Baxter Estates on Saturday, Aug. 7, from 9 to 10 a.m.

Sponsored by Baxter’s Pond Foundation, the cleanup included volunteers from several neighborhoods in the area. According to the Baxter’s Pond Foundation President Nancy A. Comer, “volunteer-led cleanups are important because everyone deserves a clean, beautiful waterfront park.” The Baxter’s Pond Foundation board of directors is committed to partnering with Nassau County and local officials to beautify the park and park facilities, to lift community spirits and to increase use of the park features. The board is focusing on cleanup and litter removal to reflect the community’s care for the environment and set a standard that demonstrates that residents and visitors value the park.

Volunteers began the cleanup at 9 a.m. at Shore Road and Central Avenue. Youth and adult volunteers worked side-by-side, socially distanced, to clean and beautify the park for all. The volunteers bagged five large trash bags of litter including paper, cigarette butts, plastic waste and discarded facemasks. At the pond riprap area (rip rap is stone and rubble placed to counteract water erosion) and on the banks of the pond, volunteers removed downed branches, invasive vines, plastic waste, traffic cones, beverage containers and downed tree limbs that were impeding the proper flow of water through the area. While much remains to be done, according to Comer, volunteers at the cleanup make an enormous difference for the plant and wildlife that call the park home.

Following the cleanup, Baxter’s Pond Foundation thanked volunteers with a small gift for their participation. New York State Assemblywoman for the 16th district Gina Sillitti sent her representative Janet Lavin to the event and Democratic candidate for Congress Melanie D’Arrigo also participated at the invitation of the foundation. Cleanup events help area residents and their representatives shine a light on the park and advocate for the improvement of park facilities.

The Baxter’s Pond Foundation board announced that the Autumn cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 23.

Committee volunteers are needed to assist in cleanup event planning. Interested community members and groups may email Baxter’s Pond Foundation, for more information.

—Submitted by Baxter’s Pond Foundation


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