Commissioner Mullins Is Re-Elected

Commissioner Angela Lawlor Mullins (Contributed photo from the Port Washington Police Department website)

On Dec. 14 of 2021 the Port Washington Police Commissioner election took place. Commissioner Angela Lawlor Mullins was re-elected for Police Commissioner over candidate Michelle Hsiao. Commissioner Mullins won with 1038 votes to Hisao’s 465 votes. Mullins has lived in Port Washington for 24 years now and has been re-elected as the Police Commissioner for every term since 2010.
“I am honored and humbled that the Port Washington community have placed their trust in me, and I want to express my appreciation and gratitude,” said Commissioner Mullins. “I am grateful for the opportunity to continue my work. Rest assured, I am dedicated and committed to serving Port Washington with transparency, integrity and accountability.”
Over the past year police reform has been a topic of conversation in communities across the country. “Police enforcement has changed, and I am committed and dedicated to implementing police reform. The Port Washington Police District has always been a frontrunner in training, educating and mentoring our police officers,” said Commissioner Mullins. Commissioner Mullins acknowledges “that the world is rapidly changing” and said that the Port Washington Police Department is “constantly updating and reviewing training standards to ensure officer and community safety.”
Building police and community relations is important to not only the community, but also to Commissioner Mullins. Commissioner Mullins is “committed to Community Oriented Policing that ensures a strong and positive working relationship between the community and the Port Washington Police District,” said Commissioner Mullins.
One of the projects Commissioner Mullins is working on is establishing a Community Liaison Officer. The role of Community Liaison will take on responsibilities that “include involvement with our youth community, such as sports activities, PAL, PYA, CYO, soccer, basketball and concerts,” said Commissioner Mullins. “The Liaison Officer will also be attending meetings involving senior citizen groups, local businesses, as well as community meetings, held at churches, synagogues, community meeting halls and athletic fields. Positive non-enforcement contact between police officers and community members enhances trust and encourages police-public cooperation, together we are stronger.”
“During the last year, COVID-19 has limited the Police District’s ability to hold public forums,” said Commissioner Mullins. The public forums the Police District has held is one of the contributing factors to building community and police relations, allowing the public to voice concerns and stay informed on current issues. “One of the goals of the Port Washington Police District is to be able to have our Board of Commissioners Meetings and Community Forums in various locations throughout the Port Washington Police District,” said Commissioner Mullins.
“Currently, due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 variants, the district streamed the last Board Of Commissioners Meeting, held on Dec. 22, 2021.We look forward to having the public forums in person, but will be in compliance with current NYS Department of Health protocols, and if necessary we will stream future public forums,” said Commissioner Mullins. “The Port Washington Police Department has worked through hurricanes, snowstorms, flooding, power outages, as well as COVID-19, rest assured, nothing will stop the PWPD from protecting and serving our community, 24/7, 365 days a year.”
With the New Year of 2022, the public can expect to see the Port Washington Police District “utilizing different methods of technology, allowing greater community participation” during the Community Forums, said Commissioner Mullins. “While we encourage community participation, we are aware many people do not attend meetings due to work schedules, child care, transportation issues and currently COVID-19 precautions. We are committed to building a better verbal dialogue between the community and the Police District. Maintaining a continuous working relationship with the community allows the public the opportunity to address their concerns, and opinions,” said Commissioner Mullins. “During these meetings, the Police District is given the opportunity to discuss their latest projects, programs, safety tips, crime prevention tips and neighborhood safety issues, while allowing questions and feedback from both sides.”
Commissioner Mullins is a dedicated member of the Port Washington community and will continue to show her passion for strengthening the Police District and community in her next term as Police Commissioner. “By working together our community is stronger and safer,” said Commissioner Mullins.