Comer For Trustee


On April 13, the Port Washington Public Library will hold its annual Board of Trustee Election and budget vote. We urge Port Washington residents to join us in supporting the Library budget and the re-election of trustee Nancy Comer.

We have gotten to know Nancy as neighbors in Baxter Estates and as members of the board of the Baxter Pond Foundation, of which Nancy is co-founder and current president. Through service on this board, we have seen first-hand Nancy’s commitment to hard work, creative thinking and serving and improving the Port Washington community.

A 49-year resident of Port Washington, Nancy has served on the Library Board for ten years. During that time, the Port Washington Public Library has been consistently rated one of the top libraries in the United States. Nancy has personally helped raise more than $40,000 in grant funding for Library programs, and she is the founder of the Library’s award winning “Books for Dessert” program, a book club for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. During her current term, she participated in a number of major renovations that have been begun or completed including: the opening of the renovated and expanded Children’s Room; a new Adult Learning Center; improved restrooms and the design and initial construction of the new “MakerSpace.” She is actively involved in planning for the upcoming refurbishment of other Library spaces.

In the past year, Nancy has helped steward the Library’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has included a transition to virtual programming and a substantial increase in the availability of audio files, e-books and digital databases. In the year ahead, we will need Nancy’s continued leadership as the library continues to adapt to post-COVID realities.

In addition to supporting Nancy’s re-election, we hope you will support passage of the Library’s budget. The library has had balanced budgets and little or no tax increases in each of the past five years, and there are no budget or tax levy increases in the proposed 2021-22 budget. Voting will take place at the Library from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on April 13. Please get out and cast your vote for the budget and Trustee Nancy Comer.

—Kim and John Keiserman
Port Washington


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