Clubs: A Great Way To Find Friendly Faces


School clubs can be one of the best resources any student will have throughout their high school years. They are a great way to explore interests, make new friends, meet new teachers, and, of course, build a college resume. Every club has a unique purpose, activities, and events, along with many people that share a common hobby. After last year’s lack of a true club atmosphere, Schreiber students have come to appreciate these great school activities more than ever before.

The biggest, and potentially best, part of school clubs are the events, meetings and activities that are held. This is where you can take part in whatever hobby or interest your club relates to. Some clubs, like Theatre, Jazz Band or the Pit Orchestra, have their biggest events at performances. Others, such as Science Olympiad, Mathletes, Debate and Mock

Trial, take part in competitions after months of preparation in their respective subjects. Finally, there are some clubs that have events in the halls of school, raising awareness or money for certain causes. During the 2020-21 school year, though, most of these events couldn’t occur. Performances and competitions were virtual, and in-school events were restricted for most of the year. So, as the new school year begins, every student should look to take advantage of the amazing activities Schreiber’s clubs have to offer.

Even better than the great events these clubs can have is the people that are a part of them. First, the teacher advisors of all of the clubs at Schreiber are amazingly helpful in the running of every club. Their help is instrumental in every extracurricular activity. Being in a club setting with your teachers can build a stronger relationship between a student and teacher in a fun, different setting than the classroom. Also, the student members and leaders in every club are incredible. Most students make some of their best friends throughout high school through clubs, and meet more and more students across different grades.

Becoming a member of a club can help students learn and grow as well. Aside from the knowledge gained about the content of the club, students learn leadership, planning and even campaigning skills. As a club member, you can lead by going to as many meetings as possible, taking part in events, and spreading the word about your club. Planning events is a big part of most clubs at Schreiber, an important skill for students to learn. In doing so, one learns about networking, time and resource management, and allocating funds in the best way possible. By participating in your club’s events, you make yourself a great candidate for a leadership position, which is voted on by the club’s members in most cases.

To win an election, a student has to learn to campaign for themselves. If they win, they can further the skills they learned as a member of the club, and demonstrate their leadership qualities.

Being a leader in these clubs is not only fulfilling, but a great learning experience. College admissions look for prospective students that participate in clubs, and become leaders in whatever way possible. Helping students appeal to their dream colleges is just another benefit to being a part of a school club.

School clubs are a fun way to connect with peers, develop new interests, and learn new skills all while improving your college resume. Taking part in these great activities can be the best and most memorable part of a Schreiber student’s high school career. Join one today.

Lucas Milgrim is a Junior at Schreiber High School in Port Washington. He is the Copy Editor of The Schreiber Times and loves to write about local events, issues, sports and more.