Chloe Margulis: Author, Model And Future Lawyer

Backpacking in the  Sierra Nevadas
Backpacking in the Sierra Nevadas

At only 20 years old, Port Washington resident Chloe Margulis is an author of seven books and a model while studying computer science and running track for Long Island University. Under the pen name Chloelia Salome, Chloe began her career as an author when she was 14, writing her first novel about the modeling world, the world in which she would soon join.

“It started out as a short story I wrote for a teen magazine contest about fashion and modeling,” said Margulis. “I didn’t win anything or come close. I just loved the aspect of writing what I loved to write about.”

Margulis then began to add to her short story, growing it from five to 100 pages and creating her first self-published novel, The Girl in the Jimmy Choos. She then went on to write her first trilogy, Sword of Hadrian, which follows a servant, Sashki, who must protect her kingdom from the evil threatening to destroy it.

“I kept writing,” said Margulis. “I got this idea while hiking in the French Alps during the summer and when you do eight-hour daily hikes, there’s so much time to think. I came up with the trilogy while hiking and when I got back to the house I jotted down all of my thoughts.”

chloesalome_020117ebMargulis wrote her trilogy full of magic, fate and secrets throughout high school and soon went onto her next trilogy, Eve 1.0 Sequence. With two books in the trilogy written, the storyline is based on the life of Margulis’s grandparents during the Holocaust. Both were in concentration camps and accused of espionage.

“They never shared their story with other people so I felt like it was my job to do it,” said Margulis. “It’s more of a dystopian fantasy literature. I didn’t want to spit out exactly their story during the Holocaust. The main characters are based off of them and the themes.”

It was very hard to find time for writing after high school, Margulis said, but she was able to begin modeling, something she had always wanted to do. With a newly flexible college schedule, Margulis was signed by a few modeling agencies and has walked in three seasons of New York Fashion Week, modeling Cupcake Mafia, a brand that has designed clothing for Nicki Minaj; Want My Look, a brand that has designed for Kim Kardashian and many smaller designers.

“I like to try different things because I’m interested in too many things for the time in the day,” said Margulis. “I was excited to get made up and meet all these people, but after three years of doing it, it’s not as pretty as they make it seem to be. There are a lot of eating disorders or issues with the ways models climb to the top. I don’t have any intentions of making it a career, it’s just for fun. I’ve met a lot of interesting people and it’s been a whirlwind.”

While modeling took up most of her days, Margulis was able to take her classes at Long Island University at night. Majoring in computer science with a minor in information systems, Margulis is in the honors college and will be graduating a year early to go on to law school in hopes of becoming a lawyer.

“I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer since I was a little girl,” said Margulis. “It was never pushed upon me. I like the concept of being able to negotiate and read and write. It includes everything that I like. I have to think about what type of lawyer I want to be and find ways to combine computer science with law. There’s patterns and intellectual property law. I can even become a fashion lawyer for a fashion house. It’s cool stuff like that makes me excited.”

While going to college, modeling and working on her future career as a lawyer, Margulis is still writing and working on the last novel, Curing Eve, in the Eve 1.0 Sequence which is set to debut in September.

“I don’t want to become known or make money, but I want to share my ideas,” said Margulis. “If someone wants to read it that’s great, but for me, it’s the feat of writing 300 pages and finishing it and publishing it that I like.”

Chloe Margulis’s books are available on, and in paperback and ebook formats.


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