Chicks Hatch At Chabad


SPREADSTORYChicks110415AThe children at the Florence Brownstein Preschool at Chabad of Port Washington had an incredible learning opportunity recently. Staff from Quiver Farm, in Pennsylvania, gave a presentation with a French rooster and hen. They left the preschoolers with an incubator filled with a dozen eggs. The children later watched in amazement as the eggs hatched and cute fluffy chicks emerged.

The children fed and took care of the chicks for one week. After making good-bye cards, the children had a farewell party and sent the chicks back to their family at the farm. “Everyone at the school agreed that this world is a truly miraculous, amazing place,” said Rabbi Shalom M. Paltiel.

For more information on the Florence Brownstein Preschool, visit or call Sara Paltiel at 561-767-8672.

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