Chabad Hebrew School Launches Innovative Hebrew School Program

Chabad Hebrew School of Port Washington Directors, Rabbi Berel and Esti Paltiel, with their children Mendel and Musia. (Photo courtesy of the Chabad of Port Washington)

In time for the upcoming school year, Chabad of Port Washington is launching a new and innovative program for Chabad Hebrew School. The program is titled Bringing it Home: making judaism come alive through experiential and interactive learning. Due to the various needs of Port Washington families, Chabad Hebrew School is offering three tracks:
In-Person Hebrew School: Engaging classes following strict social distancing government guidelines, virtual Hebrew School. Virtual Hebrew School with live teachers and engaging classes; all materials and supplies provided or pods Hebrew School. Small groups in private homes with hands-on learning.

Bringing it Home has been developed to ensure that the content is both developmentally appropriate and user-friendly for both socially distanced and virtual settings. The curriculum is scaffolded to cater to each student within their age group.

The new curriculum has been designed to be taught through a diverse set of mediums, including drama, STEM and stop-motion animation. The curriculum comprises six units, focusing on integrative lessons that are learned from each room of the home.

“Lessons will come alive as students learn empathy, respect and integrity amongst other life skills while “exploring” each room of their house. The learning will be meaningful, interactive and FUN,” Rabbi Berel Paltiel, Rabbi and director of the Chabad Hebrew School of Port Washington, said.

“Chabad Hebrew School is a place where children of the Port Washington community engage with and connect to their Jewish heritage of Bringing it Home,” Esti Paltiel, principal of the Chabad Hebrew School of Port Washington said. “I’m excited about Bringing it Home as I believe the students will enjoy the well-rounded experience and find true and lasting value in the information they learn.”

For more information, visit or call 516-767-TORAH.

—Submitted by the Chabad of Port Washington


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