Celebrating Good Cheer With Spirits

Finn’s Espresso Martini

Just as the holidays allow for everyone to let loose and try some things that they wouldn’t at other times of the year, this time of the year allows for mixologists to experiment with some truly inspired creations. Several of Port Washington’s most popular spots have their own signature drink to offer, and whether they’re overtly festive or something more traditionally seasonal, each one brings something unique and enjoyable to the party.

Finn’s Espresso Martini

Not every signature cocktail has to be overtly about the holidays—certain drinks just fit the winter season like a glove. Finn MacCool’s Espresso Martini, made with Espresso, vanilla vodka, Kahlua and Bailey’s, is proof positive of that fact. So sweet that the vodka almost passes unnoticed, it’s not hard to see why this drink is one of Finn MacCool’s most popular—it’s dangerously delicious.

Finn MacCool’s is located at 205 Main St. in Port Washington.

Sullivan’s Candy Cane

Sullivan’s Candy Cane

Sullivan’s Quay is diving right into the December spirit by capturing the minty freshness and bright sweetness of two of the most timeless holiday goodies—peppermint and chocolate. Made with Baileys and Godiva chocolate liqueur and rimmed with chocolate and crushed peppermint, the drink is completed with a decorative candy cane.

Sullivan’s Quay is located at 541 Port Washington Blvd.

Louie’s Poinsettia

With a mixture comprised of Stoli Raspberry, Campari and Chambord, Louie’s Poinsettia is a decidedly fruity spin on the signature cocktail concept, but it’s bolstered by the inclusion of baby marshmallows, Dulce button, Dulce leaf and edible gold flakes. The end result is not only tasty, but beautifully presented, so that one may want to admire it as much as drink it.

Louie’s Oyster Bar & Grille is located at 395 Main St. in Port Washington.