Carson Robert Event Designs Opens

Shawn Carson
Shawn Carson and Lawrence Miller

There is a new floral shop in Port Washington called Carson Robert Event Designs, located at 660 Port Washington Blvd.Floralsbydesign022416A Floralsbydesign022416B

Carson Robert Event Designs is a retail and event design studio that offers services to referred clientele with proven success. Services can range from a get-well-soon floral arrangement to a full wedding extravaganza, and everything in between.

Owner and Floral and Special Events Architect Shaun Carson has been in the floral business for 23 years. Carson started at his first job in the business in Brooklyn, where he developed a true passion for designing floral arrangements. There, he developed his skills in a high-end design center.

Carson then made the move to Manhattan in 2005, where he opened up his own company. He gained a large following in Manhattan with many celebrity patrons.

Carson eventually moved his business to Long Island in 2011. He set up shop in Roslyn, which thrived until 2015. Carson wanted more space and to stay close to Roslyn, so he chose his current Port Washington location, where he opened in October.

Carson likes Port Washington and feels there is something both funky and special about the town.

“There is a crazy vibe in Port,” said Carson.

Carson describes his new store as having a “sleek, now, happening look,” which would not intimidate the regular guy on the street looking for a simple bouquet.

Carson separates himself from the average florists by meeting with his clients personally. Together they conceptualize how the client wants the event to look. He never opens up a book or shows pictures of his past creations. Carson prefers that each occasion have its own personal touch.

“Brides generally know what they want their wedding to look like,” said Carson. “My job is to make it happen.”

Lawrence Miller, who has been in the business with Carson for 20 years, has also played a role in making Carson Robert Event Designs a successful shop. “Shaun is the talent,” said Miller. “I am the business behind the business.”

Miller agrees with Carson that it is indeed a difficult business in which many of their events require months of work, preparation and coordination. This team fosters close and lasting relationships with their customers.

“We try to give customers the event they want even if their budget can’t afford it,” said Miller. “It’s about giving the best you can to people.”

For more information about Carson Robert Event Designs, located at 660 Port Washington Blvd., go to or call 516-801-6868.




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