Capturing The Beauty Of Port Washington


Take a piece of Port Washington with you wherever you go this holiday season. Port resident and 30-year veteran visual storyteller, Roy Schneider recently released his book Port Washington & The Gold Coast-Through My Lens, which captures beautiful images of Port Washington and the surrounding Gold Coast.

Once the pandemic began, Schneider had more time on his hands. He decided to take a 2-hour hike every day and capture as many stunning images as he possibly could and share them with his followers on social media. The goal was to fill their social media feeds with beautiful photos that could transport them to a better, happier and more positive place. Schneider ultimately decided to turn his images into a book.


Port Washington & The Gold Coast-Through My Lens is like a photographic vacation in the Bayside Village of Port Washington and the surrounding Gold Coast. From the enchanting rays of light over Baxter’s Pond at sunrise to the ever changing sunset from Town Dock and Sunset Park, Schneider captured the little peninsula’s real beauty in a series of timeless photographs. Many compare Schneider’s photos, in visual style, with the famous artist Thomas Kinkade because of his well-practiced skill of harnessing light. However, this book is not just a bunch of pretty pictures and eye candy, but it is also an in-depth history of Port Washington and the Cow Neck Peninsula dating back to the late 1600s.

“The coronavirus has been sucking the life out of us,” Schneider said. “I hope that every time you open this book, it allows you to escape from the realities and stresses of life, a mini-vacation if you will. My goal is to help you relax and marvel at the beauty and peacefulness of the world around.”

Port Washington & The Gold Coast-Through My Lens retails for $39.99. To purchase the book, visit

—Submitted by Roy Schneider