Building On Waterfront


I attended the Glen Cove City Council meeting on Tuesday night, Dec. 8. As a resident of Glen Cove, I was stupefied at the level of disrespect displayed by the Mayor and the city attorney in response to questions about the Waterfront development and other projects from concerned citizens.

I am apprehensive because I keep hearing that the City has approved the development of a very big, very tall, and very out of character for the area, mixed-use complex on top of what is still a toxic Superfund site.

Is it true that the City is also on the hook to build the road going in and out of this toxic area at an estimated cost of $25 million? How can the City sell land that has not passed inspection by the EPA?

How can the City propose that the money from the sale of this land be used to balance the City’s budget when the land cannot be sold until it has passed inspection?

Why is the City so hell-bent on pushing this down our throats without providing transparency to the residents of Glen Cove and our surrounding neighbors?

I was afraid to stand and ask the questions at the City Council meeting based on the way my neighbors comments were being shrugged off.

I am not opposed to development. I would love a destination full of vibrant stores and restaurants in Glen Cove. However, I do not want to risk our health and well-being unless questions about the toxicity, as well as other quality of life and economic issues, are answered effectively, based on current information and unbiased testing.

I have not lived in Glen Cove for very long, only three years. I was unaware that this has been an outstanding conversation across several elected officials and many, many years. I am late to the game. But I would like to know the answers to the questions. I want to make sure that the development will not be further polluting the air and water, or condemning the City to more unsupportable debt.

And worse, should people start getting sick during the proposed 10-plus years of development, who is going to provide healthcare for those individuals?

I have watched with horror this week as our elected federal officials declined the renewal of the healthcare fund established for the first responders of 9/11. I don’t want to see this happen in Glen Cove.

—Leslie Schwartz



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