Brownies Help With State Beach Cleanup


By Sona Hyde

Brownie Troop 425 and their families
Brownie Troop 425 and their families

A beautiful, sunny day was the backdrop of the New York State Beach Cleanup at the Sands Point Preserve on Sept. 20. Along with their families, the Girls Scouts from Brownie Troop 425 helped clean up the beach and collect data. The girls tallied the garbage they collected, which will be added to the official data collected and submitted to the state. The data is summarized for the site and all data cards are sent to the Ocean Conservancy for analysis. The studies that result produce strategies to combat marine pollution and to inform policymakers, the media and the public about solutions to the problem.

The New York State Beach Cleanup is led, organized and funded by the American Littoral Society. Following the cleanup, the troop attended a class held by the Long Island Sierra Club about recycling and how trash damages sea life. The troop had a fantastic time and the event brought the troop and their families together.