Bottom Priority?


It was interesting to read Dr. Michael Hynes’s comments on the aftermath of the swastika paintings in the PAL building. His observations were followed by those, from none other than the League of Women Voters. To this writer’s recollection, the latter is a first. And then more condemnations were followed by a slew of politicians, legislators and the Port Washington Police Department. All very well intended to be sure, but sadly all ring hollow.

The common thread of these utterances is to make one “feel good.” Very simply put, based on past such episodes such as the swastika painting on two separate occasions, in the boys bathroom at Schreiber High School several years ago, it turned to be then also all talk but no action. Meaning no apprehension of the culprits. From my perspective as a Holocaust survivor, I view this no action as evidence that these hate crimes are unfortunately near the bottom of priorities in the investigation, pursuit of the culprits and their subsequent apprehension by the law enforcement community. That is not to denigrate whatsoever my high respect and support of Law Enforcement personnel. However, the lack of accountability and implementation of what is so aptly stated in Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado to ensure that the punishment must fit the crime, bears out the facts. What exacerbates it is that these purveyors of hate have been given a de facto green light to continue their despicable acts without fear of being caught. And that’s what is so sad.
—Stanley Ronell

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