Blessing Of The Fleet Set For June 16


Clergymen will bless local vessels when the Manhasset Bay Sportsmen’s Club (MBSC) sponsors its 66th Blessing of the Fleet at 12 p.m. on Saturday, June 16, at the Town Dock located on lower Main Street in Port Washington.

The public is invited to the Town Dock to view the ceremony. Last year, 50 boats passed in review.

Boat owners are invited to join the review. They will rendezvous on Manhasset Bay, south of Plum Point, beginning at 11:30 a.m. They should watch for an MBSC boat with the sign ”Leader,” form a single line behind it and proceed when it does. Sailing craft must be under power while in the review.

Boaters must maintain a speed of four knots, keep an interval between boats consistent with safety rules and stay in line. After passing the reviewing stand, they shall proceed to the “Turn Marker Boat” anchored north of the dock, turn to port around the marker boat and move out of the area on the reverse of the inward course, staying in line and maintaining four knots until well clear of the area.

All persons in the review are asked to observe proper etiquette. They should be properly dressed. While passing the clergy, all persons on board should stand at attention and uncover. Ensigns, except the national flag of the United States, should be dipped in salute.

The MBSC Clubhouse, the Fleet captain’s boat and the leader boat will monitor Channel 9 VHF for anyone requiring additional instructions or help. The Town of North Hempstead Marine 6 will monitor Channel 16 (emergency calls only).


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