Beyond The Call Of Duty


The Port Washington Police District held their annual awards ceremony honoring the accomplishments of members of the district for their outstanding efforts as well as recognizing officers who went above and beyond the call of duty over the past year. Police Chief James Salerno opened the ceremony at Sousa school’s auditorium. “It is important for the Board of Police Commissioners, chief and staff to recognize members of the Port Washington Police District who, in the performance of their duties, distinguish themselves in an exemplary manner in one or more areas of police service. We use this opportunity to give full public recognition to those who have brought honor to themselves and to the police district,” said Salerno.PWPD060816A

The Meritorious Police Service Award is awarded to a member who distinguishes himself by meritorious achievement, act or service to the district which is performed in a manner beyond normal expectations in similar circumstances, or by taking appropriate action in an unusual or hazardous circumstance wherein the officer is responsible for bringing an incident to successful conclusion. Fifteen officers were presented with this award for their many services, some of which are: The identification, search and chase of individuals attempting to cash fraudulent checks, which ended with three felony arrests; the recognition of a current popular drug wax, which lead to a felony arrest, in addition to sharing pertinent knowledge about the drug wax, undercover work leading to the arrest of a drug dealer; and the conscientious surveillance and ensuing arrest of a subject causing damage to a headstone and distress to a widower. Awards were also given to members who were instrumental to the investigation and subsequent arrest of an individual charged with 26 residential burglaries, eight of which were in Port Washington.

The Civilian Award was given to Crime Analyst Megan Dollery for her diligence and hard work pertaining to the aforementioned case. Deputy Chief Robert Del Muro, Deputy Chief Jeffrey Morris, Lieutenant Kevin McCarroll, Sergeant Albert Bartkowski, Detective Michal Alberti, Detective Nicholas Dello-Iacono, Detective Anthony Guzzello, Detective Domenico Morrocu, Officer Tracy Dioguardi, Police Officer Adam Fenig, Police Officer Peter Griffith, Police Officer Drew Haagenson, Police Officer Michael McNulty, Police Officer Raymond Neuman and Dispatcher Dorothy Drew were awarded with Meritorious Police Service Awards for going far beyond the call of duty. Many members were awarded with Letters of Appreciation as well.

The Command Recognition may be awarded to a member who, in the line of police duty, performs a task in an exemplary manner, thereby displaying alertness, efficiency and dedication to duty. The four command recognitions were for two narcotic arrests, one burglary arrest and one for designing a new lifesaving citation bar. Awards were given to Police Officer Michele Cetta, Police Officer Drew Haagenson, Police Officer Charles Kouvel, Police Officer Kyle Lewis and Police Officer John Steadman.

The Lifesaving Award is awarded to a member who, in the performance of his duty, renders medical first aid of a distinguished or unusually creditable nature to a person whose life is in immediate jeopardy, and does so in a manner that
most certainly sustains the person and enables such person to be delivered alive to a medical facility. Officers received awards for performing lifesaving CPR to Port Washington residents who then made full recoveries due to the quick action of the Port Washington
Police. Life Saving Awards were given out to Police Officer Ross Faria, Police Officer William McNally, Police Officer Alexander Mott, Police Officer Jordan Sichel and Police Officer John Steadman.

The ceremony was a significant occasion, as it shed light on the challenges the Port police face to keep residents safe. Commissioner Dave Franklin summed it up by stating,
“I am proud of the PWPD. They truly care about the people in our community, and work hard every day to keep us all safe. It is an honor to be associated with these fine men and women.”



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