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Before 2001, the Town Dock wasn’t quite the hub of activity that it is today. Robert (Bob) Zimmerman along with Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington founders Myron Blumenfeld and Eric Pick are the ones to thank. Zimmerman played a lead role in encouraging the Town of North Hempstead (TONH) to fund the promenade.
The Zimmerman garden, located in a quiet corner of the Town Dock, has become a focal point of the Manhasset Bay Trail. The garden is dedicated to Bob Zimmerman and draws the attention of the many passersby.

Pick designed the space for both the promenade and the corner garden. “It’s such a unique place, and you see so many people from town and other places coming to enjoy the view every day,” said Pick. “It’s always different.”

Zimmerman’s wife, Ellen, originally wanted to place the garden in the middle of the promenade, but, with advice from Pick, decided a quiet spot off to the side was best. Ellen Zimmerman loves how the garden has become the focal point of an important part of Port Washington, the Town Dock.

Blumenfeld said that he and Ellen Zimmerman make sure that there are flowers there. “I sit there because I can remember Bob, and the friendship we had,” said Blumenfeld. “I was drawn to him because he was very bright and very challenging.” The garden is beautifully maintained thanks to a grant from Ellen’s son Michael and daughter-in-law Deborah Zimmerman, through matching funds.

Though Zimmerman’s granddaughter, Emma, was young at the time of Bob’s death in April 2001, she still remembers him fondly. She recalls how much he loved the outdoors and how they enjoyed bike riding together. Ellen would like to give special thanks to all who made the walk and memorial garden possible:

• Myron Blumenfeld and Eric Pick
• Mark Freitas for defining the space with his fine landscaping
• May Newberger, former town supervisor and TONH board member
• Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington and Mindy Germain for caring for the community
• Jennifer Rimmer for her hard work and support behind the scenes
• Michael and Deborah Zimmerman for ensuring the upkeep of the garden

The Town Dock’s history dates back to a post-Civil War customs house. Residents’ involvement with the Town Dock started with its last reconstruction in 1980. Residents look forward to working with the TONH on upcoming improvements reflected in the town’s capital improvement plan.

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