Be The Best Sport Helps Kids

The Be The Best Sport team at the Special Olympics.

Many people fondly remember their childhood as years when they played sports with friends or joined teams and competed. Unfortunately, for some, these experiences are not possible because of a disability. These disabilities may make it difficult for them to communicate and join in on games or physically participate in sports.

Luckily, there is a program in Port Washington that allows those children to experience the fun and benefits of sports. Be The Best Sport was founded five years ago to give children with special needs the opportunity to play sports. At Be The Best Sport, children play many different kinds of sports, including baseball, basketball, soccer and even karate.

By playing these sports, the children not only learn physical skills, but they also learn communication and teamwork abilities. When playing on a team, it is always important to talk with one’s teammates and create a plan. Some of the children who participate in the activities at Be The Best Sport are not always vocal outside of the program, but when they are participating they speak more often.

Michael Furino is the executive director of Be The Best Sport. “We try to teach the kids what it feels like to be a part of a team and give them an experience that every kid should have,” said Furino. With its professional, trained staff and modern facilities at Unlimited Sports Action, Be The Best Sport provides the essential experience of playing sports with friends.

The importance and success of the program is proven by the testimonials of the parents of some of the participants. “Be The Best Sport has helped my son because he has fun and gets to exercise and grow during it,” said one parent. The employees, parents and children all agree that the program is beneficial. The skills that are necessary in sports, such as cooperation and planning, are also useful in life, and by playing sports the children learn important life skills.

Be The Best Sport is holding a round-robin tennis tournament on Thursday, Sept. 17, at the Village Club of Sands Point to raise funds for their programs. In addition, their fall classes begin on Saturday, Sept. 19, and include various sports for all different age levels and abilities. Anyone who is interested in the tournament or their classes can go to www.bethebest to learn more.


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