Bathroom Fires At Schreiber


fireIn a message sent out to parents, the Schreiber High School Administration has stated that over the last three weeks there have been a number of small smoldering fires started in garbage cans in certain bathrooms in the school. Luckily, reads the message to parents, in each case their attentive staff quickly extinguished the fires before a fire alarm even went off.

The administration’s message to parents stated that the school takes these incidents very seriously and views this as a threat to student safety. As a result, the following measures will be taken:

• During periods 4-1, 4-2, 5 and 6, the only bathrooms that will be open for the boys will be on the 1st floor. One bathroom is at the entrance to the B wing and the other at the entrance to the English corridor.

• During periods 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6, students will be prohibited from gathering in the halls during class time. Students may congregate in the cafeteria, library, resource rooms and the commons when it is open.

The school administration asks for parents’ help in ensuring that all children in school are safe. The school will also be taking several other steps regarding how they use and deploy staff on hall duty.

While they expect these precautions to work, the school administration also states that it is only through their partnership with parents and students that they can make the school truly safe. They ask that parents talk to their children about these safety issues and encourage them to come forward if they have information pertaining to the cause of the fires. The school administration also asks for parents’ support and requests that they remind their children to follow these new procedures as outlined above.

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