Author Addresses Gun Violence


authorLois Schaffer, author of The Unthinkable, hosted a book launch at The Dolphin Bookshop to bring a more personal discussion on gun violence in America.

Schaffer read selections from The Unthinkable and signed copies of her book. The author described the life and tragic death of her daughter, while stating the importance of gun control in the U.S. and the need to end the horrors caused by illegally possessed firearms. The book not only pays homage to the author’s daughter, but is also a plea for legislative and cultural reform.

“Five years ago my daughter Susie was killed in cold blood by two reckless, illegal gun toting teens at her home in the middle of the afternoon,” Schaffer said. “It is unthinkable that this could happen in our country and yet, sadly, it happens every day.”

The release of the book “celebrates my daughter’s life but also takes a look at the impact it has had not only on our family, but her community, our community here in Long Island, in the health and fitness industry she worked in and the lives of the two teens who tragically took her life,” Schaffer said. “Susie’s death is just one of thousands that happen every year in our country; The Unthinkable discusses how we can prevent tragedies like this and heal as a community from gun violence.”