A Trio Of Thank Yous


First, I want to express my sincere gratitude to both of the Port Washington Fire Department EMS volunteers, Elizabeth and Julien, as well as the Nassau County Police officers who responded to my home before dawn last Monday morning. My 86-year-old mother fell ill just a day after the blizzard of 2016, and they all responded within minutes, providing competent and caring attention and skill. What a coincidence it was to find out that this ambulance had just come from a call in Manorhaven, where I work. Concerned, I asked about the roads there, and was told that they were okay. So my third thank you goes to the team that plowed Manorhaven tirelessly during this storm: the DPW crew and the outside contractors who worked round the clock. Their efforts allowed the ambulance to respond to my home very quickly.

So, to all of you, please accept my family’s thanks to everyone whose efforts made it possible to get my mom to the hospital where she is now recuperating from surgery. Your service to the community deserves the attitude of gratitude.

­—Leslie Gross