A Letter To The Editor Written By Adam Block


After five Meet the Candidates nights I learned one thing: while three of candidates state they are “for change” I am the only one to stand up publicly and state what everyone knows; after 12 weeks of school closure the current online teaching program is inadequate. The 5,300 kids in Port deserve to see their teachers every day, not twice a week.  The other candidates say they support “change” but when pressed by moderators all deny anything needs changing.  The other candidates have more Board experience, but the Board has plenty of experience…so much it has created an insular groupthink that yielded the 9-minutes/day policy in a time when Port kids deserve so much more from their school.  The Board does not need more experience, it needs a new vision for this new decade and fresh ideas.

Port Washington, let’s build a better Board of Education.  I am the only actual teacher running, I taught a class today. I am the only COVID-19 expert, the only one who has drafted surveys professionally and statistically analyzes them in Excel (for free no more consultants) and the only one who has drafted multi-billion dollar budgets for Congress.  And anyone following the campaign or who has met me knows, if something is wrong, I will stand by my principles and fight (loudly) for my kids and for yours. Vote for the budget and Vote for Adam.

-Adam E. Block, PhD
Candidate for Board of Education


  1. well, thank you Adam – seems YOUR ideas and platform are the ONLY candidates’ that can be found ANYwhere! – my family and friends have been searching internet for DAYS and can’t find anywhere that introduces the candidates or their platforms –a youtube “live stream video ” of the Meet the Candidates night is noted as “over ” and can’t be viewed again

    – the ballots were delivered a little too late in our opinion to “make sure we have it by June 9th — NOT postmarked June 9th – must be in their hands – relying on a short mail in time …… we have called the school district and even Anton newspapers hoping to find SOMEthing — nothing – this after exhaustive searches online intermittently for three days not

    this is pretty disgraceful — I’ve lived in this town 22 years – yet I don’t know ONE of these candidates “personally” – so I guess, as I suspected all the years I lived here and never received “platform” information – that this is just a “popularity contest” that plays with our tax payer money — and EACH year my mortgage goes up and up and up because of budgets passed and actions taken by Board members that we don’t agree with ….passed may I add by a very low number of votes because voting usually occurs during the work day and many cannot get in to vote in person —

    . I especially agree with you that the bare minimum of on-line teaching going on during this Covid crisis is ridiculous – and parents have been left with hours of homework given to the kids that THEY have to teach while trying to navigate their own working at home at the same time ….

    especially concerning also – these teachers are “teaching” only a couple hours 2 days a week – and during that period handing out homework as well which cuts into the teaching time —- I will be infuriated if we find out they are doing this while at the same time receiving their FULL salaries ? — that would be adding insult to injury —

    so I’ll be voting for YOU as I agree with your ideas which were the only ones available and believe your experience and expertise will serve our schools well —- now? — onto keep searching as; my family and friends want to make SURE we don’t vote for any existing members to be re-elected —– they should have done better during this crisis than to provide our children with the barest of minimums of teaching time, and need to stop increasing everyone’s mortgages without enough of a return to our children — this all smacks of “voter suppression .

    good luck with the election – you are so right – we DO need new blood in the District


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