A Letter To Dr. Hynes


Swastikas on the John Philip Sousa school building. As a Holocaust survivor who lost my father and members of my family in various Nazi concentration camps I share your outrage at this heinous and despicable act of anti-Semitism and hate against the Jewish people. So what? Where does your and my outrage lead us? Want to know the answer? Nowhere sad to say. Why? Because several years ago on two separate occasions swastikas were painted in the boy’s room at Schreiber High School. A car on Main Street in Port was vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti, and just recently, swastikas were painted on the PAL building and none of these reprehensible acts led to an arrest, to a prosecution or to a punishment.

All one heard, coming from you as well, is a lot of feel good rhetoric signifying nothing, void of any punitive action. Consequently, these purveyors of hate will continue their perverted acts with impunity, knowing full well how utterly feckless society is in apprehending and holding them accountable. One has to seriously question the level of priority given to the apprehension and judicial process to these acts of hate. So far, with no results whatsoever, this question continues to beg an answer.

—Stanley L. Ronell
Port Washington resident emeritus


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