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From an acclaimed Tom Doak-designed golf course to stunning views of the Hempstead Harbor from the newly refinished pool facility, the Village Club of Sands Point offers something for all ages. Kevin Dudleston, director of membership, sales and marketing shares perks of being a club member, how to use the club for the whole family and golf opportunities throughout the year.

Q: Why should residents want a Village Club of Sands Point membership?
A: The Village Club of Sands Point is open to both residents and non-residents of Sands Point. Most of our members live within 20 minutes of the club. Our membership can be part of a strong, local, family oriented, community club to build personal or professional networks. As a club, we are evolving with the times and ensuring that what we provide our members is an experience that fits with today’s busier lifestyles. It’s a great place to bring family and friends to enjoy bonding moments, whether it be playing golf together for a few holes, enjoying the Pool, having dinner or simply having a break from life without the need to travel far.

Q: What are some of the perks of a Village Club of Sands Point membership?
A: Situated on the former Guggenheim estate, the club allows our members to enjoy their free time on a picturesque property that boasts views of the NYC Skyline and Hempstead Harbor. Our golf course is one of the best around, a Tom Doak, 18 Hole Championship Course. Our membership is very welcoming and are eager to usher new members into their circle. It’s a great way to meet new friends. As a member, there is a strong sense of community which radiates outside of the club too. The club is now managed by KemperSports. Our members enjoy exclusive deals with all the clubs and resorts in the Kemper collection nationally and in Mexico.

Q: Why is the club a family-friendly place?
A: Our membership categories are family based and recognize children to the age of 26 who live at home as part of your membership. We promote a relaxed and fun atmosphere without the traditional country club stuffiness. Our recent marketing campaign has branded the message “Distinctively Exclusive, Inclusive of all” and this has always been the mission of the club.

Q: What are some activities for families to do together at the club?
A: As well as promoting families to experience the club together on a day-by-day basis, our annual club calendar is filled with junior and family social activities throughout the year. Just to highlight a few, we have family golf on Father’s Day, our Overnight campout on the Lawn and Memorial and Labor Day Carnivals. These events are a great way to meet other local families.

Q: What are some unique activities, opportunities or events at the Village Club that residents may not be aware of other than golf?
A: Our property is so unique, with a huge array of amenities, that we get to offer many different experiences. For Halloween, we recreate our guests rooms into a haunted hotel experience. Our new pool bar accommodates themed cocktail parties overlooking Hempstead Harbor. With beach access you can also kayak or stand up paddle on the harbor as well. We offer Pilates classes all year round and even croquet in the summer months. We have basketball courts, beach volleyball and now even pickle ball. Basically, anything you can think of, we have for our membership.

Q: What kind of golfing programs do you offer for adults?
A: We are very proud of our Golf Programs for both Adults and juniors. Every Friday and Saturday mornings we offer group clinics for beginners with our golf professional staff, which is a great way to meet other golfers with similar skill levels. We also offer our complimentary women’s mentor match-up clinics in the summer months which is open to all women, including non-golfing members of the club. This is a wonderful chance to experience golf in a completely relaxed and fun atmosphere with an opportunity to work on the swing basics and meet other women who are also trying to learn the game of golf too.

Q: Do you offer any golfing programs for children? If so, what are they?
A: Our extensive junior program is offered to children of all ages and we are keen to promote the game of Golf to our future generations. We have group clinics in the Spring and Fall throughout the week, and are proud to have a PGA Junior League Team that plays other golf clubs. The PGA Jr. League brings family and friends together around fun, team golf experiences with expert coaching from our PGA and LPGA professionals.

Q: How can golf be a family sport?
A: Golf is a great multi-generational family activity that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. It’s a sport that teaches children life skills such as honesty, integrity, discipline and respect. As they learn to conduct themselves on the golf course, these lessons will directly transfer into real life. Whether, you choose to have a family lesson, practice together on the range, or play a few holes on the golf course, it’s an amazing vehicle to have fun outdoors together in a safe and nurturing environment. The game of golf is changing and we here at the Village Club are changing with it. We understand the new demand for time on busy families. Golf is no longer a 9-hole, or 18-hole sport and we understand that.

Q: What opportunities are there at the club during the winter season?
A: We are open 11 months out of the year and we stay busy in the cold weather. Members have access to the course depending on the weather. Our property allows for scenic winter walks or snowshoeing. Our most popular winter activity is Platform Tennis or “Paddle”. We have five courts that are always jamming. It is a strong social sport throughout the winter months with leagues competing against other clubs throughout the season.


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