A Beautiful Winter Piano Recital

The piano students: Natalie Cheng, George London, Dahlia Cooper, Ryan Rodriguez, Eloise Chan, Catalina Jiang, Andrew Fischetti, Emily Cheng, Eugene Kim, Penelope Chan, Caroline Chu, Aya Iwata, Harlan Cheng, Cailyn Jiang, Jacky Fu, Ethan Luca Yieh, Edna Keeney-Bailey, Alessia D’Egidio, Keita Iwata, Mia Rodriguez, Louis Simon, Skylar Messinger, Chloe Cheng, Iris Kim, Ruben Harooni, Giselle Vucemilovich, Ryan Messinger, Sofia Leder, Jaime Yeung, David Fu, Ryan Regan, Jayden Doshi, Sadie Muller, Elias Douramanis, Sam Sherman and Paner Ying. (Contributed photo)

In mid December, a piano recital was held in the newly renovated stage of the Port Washington Library Concert Room. At 3 p.m. the curtain was raised to the most anticipated recital of the year, led by Ms. Paner Ying. Thirty-six young performers, age from five to 17, went on the stage one by one

“The master pieces will be played by the little masters”, Ms. Ying told the audience. “They will make you very proud”.

The music repertoire of this hour and a half recital were from classic, pop to cool jazz. Each and every performer displayed skills and beauty. The music sent a big crescendo to the holiday season. Congratulations to all.

—Submitted by Ms. Paner Ying


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