Letter to the Editor-Flower Hill Elections


Next week is Election Day in the Village of Flower Hill and my hope is you will support the four Flower Hill Party candidates that are running for election to the Board of Trustees. Not only do you have an opportunity to re-elect Frank Genese but you will also have the opportunity to elect Mary Jo Collins, Claire Dorfman, and Max Frankel. 


Each of these candidates has been supporting our Village in formal and informal roles over the past year. As in past years, the Flower Hill Party puts forth candidates that equally represent the villages of Manhasset, Port Washington and Roslyn. They are committed to our vision of fiscal responsibility while improving services, protecting the environment and beautifying our community.


Frank, Mary Jo, Claire and Max are not just selfless volunteers for our community, but I have learned first hand they are great people. In these times of divisive politics at the state and federal level, it is important that we elect good people to serve us. They have each assisted with budget, traffic safety, sustainability, park improvements and supporting our new community Volunteer Corps, to name a few projects. 


Last year we saw record voter turnout and I hope we see it again this year to support these smart and talented volunteers. Please elect Frank, Mary Jo, Claire, and Max by voting Row “A” for the Flower Hill Party on Tuesday March 16. 


-Brian Herrington

Flower Hill Mayor


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