Thank You Theft


Is this a sign of the times? We have wonderful men who pick up our trash every week. They do a great job under difficult conditions, and, once a year I like to leave them a little something to say “thank you.”

This morning, around 6 a.m., I put out our trash with an envelope taped to the front of the bag. I taped it on with blue painter’s tape so they wouldn’t miss it. I’m not the most generous tipper, but I do it with sincerity, compassion, good will and great pleasure.

I then went to the bank, got gasoline, picked up a muffin and returned home. Imagine my surprise to see my trash bags still curbside but no envelope to be found.

I am not impressed. I only hope that whoever took it needs it more than my deserving trash guys who’ve worked hard for it every week all year long. If it was kids, I hope they get coal in their stockings.

I’m watching the front now so that when they do arrive to pick up today’s trash, I can run out and thank them then. —Ken Casser



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