Students Learn About Journalism Today

Schreiber High School Librarian Mary Seligman, Associate Professor at the Stony Brook University School of Journalism Steven Reiner, Schreiber High School journalism teacher Helen Sachs and Ed. Foundation Recording Secretary Renee Laffer

Through an Ed. Foundation grant, Stony Brook University School of Journalism Associate Professor Steven Reiner visited two of Schreiber High School’s journalism classes on March 2 to discuss current events and what being a journalist is like in today’s world.

“This is our first year doing this,” said librarian Mary Seligman. “We try to focus on the role of the journalist. We try to look at what’s going on at the time and how journalists might interact with that.”

Reiner discussed the Parkland, FL, tragedy with the students, asking them questions such as, “how do you cover an event like this?” He had the students grapple with the ethical issues of covering such an event including the age of the students, their privacy and not being exploitative of their emotions for ratings. Later in each program, coordinated by Schreiber Seligman and journalism teacher Helen Sachs, Reiner transitioned the coversation to the topic of the Robert Mueller indictments.

“Through their work with this professor, Schreiber students are learning the nuances of the role of the journalist firsthand, understanding the importance of reliable facts and credible sources in their reporting,” said President of the Ed. Foundation Paula Whitman. “This is even more important in today’s world of information overload, when students need to be aware of the prevalence of ‘fake news.’ By teaching these students how to discern what’s real from what’s not, this professor is helping them see the role of the journalist through a practical lens that puts the press in the forefront, as crucial gatekeepers of information. This grant has been truly inspirational for these young journalists, and The Ed. Foundation is thrilled to be a part of it.”

The Ed. Foundation is an independent, nonprofit, community-based organization whose mission supports educational initiatives that are beyond basic educational requirements. Since 2001, The Ed. Foundation has actively raised funds and awarded grants to enhance and expand educational opportunities for all students in the Port Washington Public Schools.

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