Response To Letter


Chris Gallagher’s letter (Port Washington News, Dec. 16, 2015 issue) comparing Minnesota’s Somalis and French/Belgian ISIS supporters to either the Syrian-American/American-Syrian population or to the tragic Syrian refugee population is foundationless.

There are no, zero, examples of Syrian terrorists who have operated either in the U.S. or abroad. Furthermore, it is doubtful if any stateside Syrian native or foreign-born are in jail for any violent crime, they are too busy earning a living and participating in family and community life.

The Paris bombers were French and Belgian nationals from North African progenitors. The “Syrian” passport found near the dead bomber was declared by French and EU authorities to be a fake. The California pair was of Pakistani origin. The Army doctor in Texas, Major Hassan, was Jordanian-Palestinian. Jihadist bombers are predominantly of Afghani, Pakistani, Palestinian, Saudis, Yemeni and Jordanian nationalities.

Does Mr. Gallagher believe in preventive punishment for uncommitted wrongdoing? Does he spank his children preventively in case they were thinking of trying bad behavior?

Syrians have done nothing to date to warrant the preventive punishment of refusing the refugee population safe haven from the death, starvation, political and religious persecution taking place on the Syrian ground. They are victims with no blemish of harm-doing on the record.

Should Mr. Gallagher take the beam out of his eye before looking for a nonexistent mote elsewhere among the Syrian refugees?

Where is his indignation about Christian-American terrorists, abortion bombers, political bombers in Oklahoma, untreated mentally ill bombers such as Ted Kaczinski and numerous others.

Mr. Gallagher needs to rebalance his ire. —Diane Nahas



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