Removing Political Corruption


Democracy is based on the concept of “one man one vote.” Today this ideal, through the influence of money, has been run into taters. Mind you, I am not saying that government ever has been free of influence.

Yet today due to the overwhelming influence of PACs, special interest groups, large donors, and defective rulings money has trumped representation and corrupted government. The corruption of government begins with the ability of money to unduly influence elections. The corruption of our system of governance has promoted biased legislation, the unequal sharing of prosperity, the erosion of rights, diminished liberties, wars for profit, and the eradication of the middle class.

The cure to these ills begins at the base where it started. The selection of our representation should be regained. The corrupting influence of money in elections should be removed and or, at a minimum, be diminished. We can begin right here at home. In the New York State Assembly, supported by the governor, there is pending legislation.

The pending measure is the Fair Elections Act requiring the public financing of elections. The measure would create a Fair Elections Fund with which to match every small donor dollar with six dollars from the fund. The total cost to New Yorkers would individually be about $2. That small cost would be regained many times over by mitigating the corruption and waste in state government and its out of control agencies.

Presently, before us, we have the unique opportunity to redirect New York State unto the good road. The Fair Elections Act is support by the New York State Assembly and the governor. To carry forward, it must be approved by the New York State Senate. To state that this will just be “another tax” is beyond the pale. I urge you to contact Senator Jack Martins and urge his support. Let him know you want him to be our hero rather than the protector of a system of ills.

—Jim Ansel