Port Students Lauded Musicians


 Seventy seven students in the Port Washington School District have been selected to perform in the Nassau Music Educators Association All-County Festival at LIU Post this winter.
The honor indicates that these student-musicians are among the top performers in Nassau County. Selection was based upon their New York State School Music Association solo evaluation scores and strong teacher recommendations. Band_121914A
“I am thrilled at the accomplishments of all of our music students in Port Washington—it takes an extra amount of dedication and hard work to reach the ability level to be selected for an all-county ensemble,” said director of creative arts Kevin Scully. “We are very proud of the amount of students selected, as well as the fact that they represent so many segments of our student body. The ability of these students to excel in their school work, while also leading the way in music, is a tremendous tribute to their dedication and hard work.”
The students are:
• Chloe Anderson, South Salem Elementary School, orchestra
• Faith Ausfresser, Schreiber High School, choir
• Elizabeth Bain, Schreiber High School, choir
• Amy Baxter, Guggenheim Elementary School, chorus
• Christopher Bendix, Schreiber High School, orchestra
• Diana Benedicto Jimenez, Manorhaven Elementary School, orchestra
• Michael Bischoff, South Salem Elementary School, chorus
• Sophie Brett-Chin, Schreiber High School, choir
• Ryan Bronsky, Sousa Elementary School, chorus
• Hannah Brooks, Daly Elementary School, orchestra
• Alayna Calderwood, Schreiber High School, choir
• Christopher Carillo, Manorhaven Elementary School, chorus
• Anastasia Cavounis, Weber Middle School, choir
• Daniel Chen, Weber Middle School, orchestra
• Eleanor Chromy, Guggenheim Elementary School, chorus
• Steven Coronel, Daly Elementary School, band
• Allyson Currier, Daly Elementary School, chorus
• Juliana D’Alessandro, Schreiber High School, choir
• Kiera Darnell, Sousa Elementary School, orchestra
• Alexandra DeAngelis, Schreiber High School, choir
• Lily Dell, Weber Middle School, choir
• Yazmeen Deyhimi, Weber Middle School, choir
• Melanie Diaz, South Salem Elementary School, chorus
• Mia Drazic, South Salem Elementary School, chorus
• Griffin Fielding, Manorhaven Elementary School, chorus
• Iann Fine, Sousa Elementary School, chorus
• Marcus Garguillo, Weber Middle School, choir
• Ethan Girtz, South Salem Elementary School, chorus
• Zachary Gitlin, Weber Middle School, band
• Spencer Goody, Schreiber High School, jazz band
• Rachel Green, Weber Middle School, band
• Heejin Han, Schreiber High School, band
• Aedan Hidasi, South Salem Elementary School, band
• Sarika Israni, Daly Elementary School, chorus
• Amber Kakkar, Daly Elementary School, chorus
• Helena Kangadis, Schreiber High School, choir
• Rebecca Katz, Schreiber High School, choir
• Joy Kim, Guggenheim Elementary School, band
• Julia Kim, Schreiber High School, orchestra
• Shunsuke Kitamura, Schreiber High School, choir
• Jonathan Kobrinsky, Schreiber High School, orchestra
• Maya Konoff, Weber Middle School, choir
• Jordan Krainin, Weber Middle School, choir
• Molly Lang, South Salem Elementary School, chorus
• Maya Lapter, Sousa Elementary School, chorus
• Lauren LaScala, Manorhaven Elementary School, chorus
• Jimin Lee, Weber Middle School, orchestra
• Jae Longaro, Sousa Elementary School, chorus
• Max Mallah, Weber Middle School, band
• Olivia Massa, Weber Middle School, choir
• Jade Meister, Guggenheim Elementary School, chorus
• Rebecca Michaels, Guggenheim Elementary School, chorus
• Ian Miller, Weber Middle School, choir
• Elizabeth Muratore, Schreiber High School, choir
• Alexa Nappi, Weber Middle School, choir
• Solbi Oh, Schreiber High School, orchestra
• Tor Olofsson, Weber Middle School, jazz band
• Viggo Olofsson, Weber Middle School, jazz band
• Katie Oppenheim, Schreiber High School, choir
• Tessa Peierls, Schreiber High School, choir
• Olivia Platt, Daly Elementary School, chorus
• MinJae Pyo, Guggenheim Elementary School, orchestra
• Lucas Romanski, Weber Middle School, orchestra
• Lilli Roth, Guggenheim Elementary School, chorus
• Danielle Ryan, Weber Middle School, choir
• Gabrielle Sanft, Schreiber High School, band
• Ben Schiff, Manorhaven Elementary School, band
• Ana Scott, Guggenheim Elementary School, chorus
• Sobin Seo, Schreiber High School, orchestra
• Madison Shields, Sousa Elementary School, orchestra
• Sherry Shi, Schreiber High School, band
• Sydney Siegman, Manorhaven Elementary School, chorus
• Gregory Stebbins, Schreiber High School, orchestra
• Wyn Stopford, Schreiber High School, choir
• Maddie Tashlik, Schreiber High School, choir
• James Tyras, Sousa Elementary School, band
• Sahej Walia, Manorhaven Elementary School, chorus


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