Orangetheory Coming Soon To Port

Director of Operations Nick LoCicero and studio manager Sarah Kutzma

The up-and-coming fitness brand Orangetheory Fitness hopes to bring scientifically-backed high-energy training to Port Washington in its vibrant orange studio opening in late May/early June on Port Washington Boulevard. The class-based gym offers one-hour full-body workouts that help gym-goers develop increased strength, power and endurance while exercising in intervals using multiple stations to allow for a varied workout.

“We’re backed by science and that is a big difference between us and other fitness businesses,” said Director Of Operations of Long Island Nick LoCicero. “Port Washington didn’t have anything like it and we knew it would be something great for the town. To bring some sort of workout like this and to bring energy like this to this area, we thought it was a pretty great idea.”

Backed by the science of post-exercise oxygen consumption, Orangetheory Fitness utilizes heart monitored training to keep heart rates in a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy, allowing clients to burn 500 to 1,000 calories per workout and continue burning calories after the workout. Heart rates are shown live on TV screens and clients will go through five different color-coded zones throughout the classes.

“There is a professional coach that leads you through the workout, giving you options and challenges and making sure you’re not overtraining or undertraining,” said LoCicero. “You’re getting that one-on-one trainer style in a group setting. The energy is nice and high, we bump a lot of loud music in there. The coaches are super motivational, but it doesn’t stop us from giving everyone the proper attention. If somebody comes in they have the option for an adjustment for an injury or maybe need a challenge, they want something that’s a bit tougher, we can do that.”

There will be a different full-body workout each day, and all workouts are designed with either endurance, strength and power style routines. Orangetheory Fitness classes also always make sure to get in a cardio component during the hour-long session.

“If it’s an endurance style class for that day, there will be longer runs on our treadmill, bike or stride, but you’re always getting resistance training and you’re always getting cardio,” said LoCicero. “So, throughout the class at some point you’ll be doing cardio intervals and the other half will be full-body resistance training whether it be dumbbells, resistance bands, stability work or water rowers, which are state-of-the-art rowing machines and that’s an ultimate calorie burner right there. When it’s more strength-based we’ll focus more on slowing down some movements, heavier dumbbells, but you’re still getting cardio in there.”

With 30 clients per class, LoCicero explained that classes will run from about 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. during the day session with a brief gap until the night session, set to run from about 3:30 to 8:30 p.m. The amount of classes one attends each week will be based on their goals. Orangetheory Fitness offers one free class, and clients can get a one-on-one consultation where trainers find out who they are, what their goals are, why they have those goals and if they have any restrictions. From there, the two decide how many classes the client will attend. LoCicero explained that classes could range from $28 per class all the way down to $9 per class depending on what is agreed upon.

“We’re a very family-feel kind of studio,” said studio manager Sarah Kutzma.

“We’re going to bring fun and energy to Port Washington,” added LoCicero. “We do a lot of events and fundraisers. We try to keep the fundraisers local. We like to get out into the areas and maybe dress up in some fun costumes. We’d love to be involved in any local events to be a part of the community even more. Inside the studio, we try to generate a nice family feel. Everybody gets to know each other. In other gyms, we’ve had people meet and become best friends because of the gym. That’s what we’re looking to bring
to this community.”

While the gym is not set to open for about a month, Orangetheory Fitness currently allows residents to reserve pre-sale low rates with savings up to $400 and early access to the gym and its unique classes.

“We’ll have a soft opening for about two weeks before we actually are open to the public, so anyone who has reserved the rate, we’ll call them, we’ll invite them in and they can take a couple classes throughout those two weeks,” said LoCicero. “We want everybody to see what our product is about.”

For more information, visit or call 516-302-4044.

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