Obituary: Phyllis Joseph


Phyllis Joseph, formerly of Cove Lane in Port Washington, died on Nov. 22 at her current home in Maplewood, NJ.

Phyllis and her husband Joel, who died in 2013, were Port Washington residents for fifty-seven years, deeply involved in the civic life of the community. Phyllis served on the Board of Trustees and as Deputy Mayor of Port Washington North as well as Director of Constituent Services for three consecutive members of the New York State Assembly, Irwin Landes, May Newburger and Tom DiNapoli.

Later she served as Executive Director of Landmark on Main Street before moving to New Jersey in 2012. Phyllis also spent several years running a family business while her husband returned to law school at Hofstra University while in his 40s, and founded and ran a very successful catering business called Custom Cookery.

During her long career in Port Washington, Phyllis was an active member of the Chamber of Commerce, and she was instrumental in establishing the Sand Miner’s Monument Park.
Phyllis and Joel Joseph raised three sons who survive her: Michael (Debbie; Edie, Ben) of Gainesville, Florida; Jonathan (Liba; Yehuda, David, Miriam) of Brooklyn, New York; and Adam (Susan; Louis, Henry, Kalman) of Maplewood, New Jersey. She recently became the great-grandmother of Ascher Paryzer and Joel Joseph. A funeral service was held near her home in New Jersey.

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