Letter: Warning Tickets Issued


On Monday, Jan. 22, the Port Washington Police Department issued warning tickets to cars that were not parked “head in” at the Port Washington train station. I have been using this station almost every day for the past four years, and cars have been parking “back end in” for all this time. The reason for this practice is that it is so difficult to back out of a parking stall in the evening rush hour—the station parking lot is chaotic between commuters returning to their cars, drivers picking up passengers and passengers parking to take an evening train to the city.

The requirement for head-in parking made some sense when the town issued parking stickers which were placed on the rear bumpers of cars (although the parking passes were placed on the rear-view mirror).

However, now that they have gone to a license recognition system, the need for head-in parking no longer seems to exist. Commuters have enough headaches to deal with given the continuing problems the LIRR has been experiencing. At least let us get home with a little less of a hassle.

—William Marman


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