Letter: Vote Yes For School Budget


Vote yes on Tuesday, May 15 to support the proposed budget for the Port Washington School District. This budget has been carefully and thoughtfully developed to address the needs of a growing enrollment within the tax cap.

Vote yes for this fiscally responsible budget that maintains small class sizes and adds much needed staff to our buildings while remaining within the tax cap.

Vote yes because our involvement as parent volunteers has allowed us to witness the tireless efforts of our administration and faculty to ensure an outstanding curriculum.
Vote yes to be certain our teachers can continue striving for excellence.

Vote yes for the proposed addition of a 6th grade teacher, elementary special education teacher, middle grade world language teacher, high school math teacher, and associate administrator of literacy for grades 3-5.

Vote yes because quality education is paramount on every parent’s list of priorities for their child’s well being.

Vote yes to support our community of families that expects and demands the very best from our public schools.

Vote yes to maintain Port Washington’s standard for excellence in education.

Vote yes on Tuesday, May 15th to continue forward movement in our school district, ensuring each of our children have the tools and support needed to exceed our expectations, and their own.

Vote yes on Tuesday, May 15 at the only polling location; Weber Middle School.

—Amy Snorteland
and Sheryl Spring


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