Letter: It’s Not The Gun That Kills


I want to applaud The Inn at New Hyde Park for not being bullied into canceling the gun show. I have been listening to all sides of this subject and I feel that the laws that are already on the books should be upheld. I also feel that better background checks should be enacted. It isn’t a gun that kills, it is the person who shoots the gun that kills. To say that we should ban guns is like saying that we should ban cars, knives, bats or any other weapon that is, has, or could be used to kill. We the people are told we shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns by the same people who have bodyguards who carry guns to protect them.

Perhaps we should consider the idea that schools should hire retired veterans and retired law enforcement people to each school to protect the kids. They already know how to handle these situations and are used to being in danger’s way.

The NRA has every right to have a fundraising event anywhere they choose without being hassled at every turn. The NRA consists of law-abiding citizens and should be allowed to run events just like the Democratic and Republican parties or any other organization without any problems.

Just one more thought. It isn’t the law-abiding citizens that kill and rob at gunpoint. It is the thugs who get their guns illegally that commit the crimes.

—Marjorie Wood

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  1. Yes the NRA has many responsible law abiding members, but their leaders are grossly negligent and irresponsible. The gun homicide rate in the U.S. is 25 times higher than that of other developed countries, but research shows that common-sense public safety laws can reduce gun violence and save lives. A major part problem is the NRA is blocking more research. They claim gun control won’t work bc to your point, people kill, not guns. That is false. In 1996 the gun lobby, with help from the NRA, helped pass the Dickey amendment. This states that none of the money for injury prevention and control at the CDC may be used to advocate or promote gun control. The NRA is sending out multiple tweets and ads on NRA tv saying gun control doesn’t work. That is not true. They don’t know that because they won’t let the CDC study to see what measures will actually prevent death by firearm. (like how they figured out seatbelts prevent deaths in car accidents). Sure there are other issues in our country, but you can’t argue with the fact that the deadliest part of the problem is the gun! And yet, they still do not take any responsibility for their role in preventing any true solutions to the over 90 people who die a day from firearms. If the NRA and gun lobby are so sure that any common sense gun laws will not change the amount of people dying, then repeal the Dickey amendment. According to them, there is nothing to fear.
    While the Dickey amendment restricts funding and research from the CDC and NIH for gun control, it doesn’t mean there are not any studies going on. There obviously are not enough to address the full extent of this public health crisis. The studies we do have do confirm that yes, we have a gun problem.
    A mass shooting in Australia in 1996 led to a ban on semi-automatic weapons. subsequently, incidence of both homicide and suicide where a gun was used as a weapon dropped by over 50% in that country. I do not believe there is any reason for any private citizens to have access to assault rifles.
    To address your statement that if we ban certain types of guns we should ban cars- there are many more regulations on buying a car. If people have to go through the same hoops (insurance, valid license, etc) to get a gun as they do to get car, that would only make sense.
    The fact the Inn at New Hyde Park will allow such an irresponsible organization to hold an event at their venue, that will auction off the same type of assault rifle used in the majority of mass shootings is truly appalling.

  2. This notion of “law abiding” gun owners is a false construct. When laws are twisted from their original, outdated meaning, it puts our safety and security at risk.

    Let’s start with facts. There is NO federal law that allows for individual, private ownership of firearms in the United States. Not even the Second Amendment. The political lobbyist and special interest group known as the National Rifle Association, which represents gun manufacturers, worked over several years to subvert and change the general interpretation of the Second Amendment from its original intent. They spent a ton of money over several decade and pushed their selfish agenda, thus making our society far less safe. Read the law:

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    This amendment was intended to ensure that local community militias could protects their collective interests. But over the past 100 years, this became an antiquated notion that no longer applies. As a result, gun manufacturers used the NRA for self-preservation and turned losses into business opportunity. They funded extremist candidates for Congress while Conservatives majorities in the Supreme Court were swayed by the political and financial bullying.

    This can no longer be tolerated. Private gun ownership can and should be both infringed AND highly restricted, even if that means revising the Second Amendment. Automatic, semi-automatic and accessorized pieces that enable mass killing are a threat to our national security. And most sane, rational, even barely-literate citizens agree.

    This may not change overnight, but the march of progress always bends toward social and collective good. When the laws are unjust, we change them. Would Marjorie Wood have supported slavery because it was specifically legalized in the Constitution? Let’s hope not. And like the end of slavery, civil rights, female enfranchisement and LGBTQ equality movements before them, change for the better will happen. The scourge that is private gun ownership will slowly dissipate as the younger, more enlightened generations move into influential positions of power within our society.

    It’s just too bad that many more innocent victims are likely to be shot before this happens, and people like Marjorie Wood will have their blood on their hands. So hope is not enough. And if it takes pressuring cowardly restaurant owners to not host the gun-loving accessories to mass murder (NRA members) so our kids can be safer, so be it.


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