Kim Kaiman: Back To Town


picAfter a 10-year hiatus while her husband, Jon Kaiman, served as Town of North Hempstead supervisor, Kim Kaiman is once again working for the town.

She will serve as executive director of the town’s Business, Tourism and Development Corporation (BTDC). Recommended by Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth and appointed by the council members at the town’s Jan. 7 board meeting, Kaiman, who is earning $78,000 per year, said that she was “honored to be joining the Bosworth administration,” and looks forward “to working for the people of North Hempstead again.”

Bosworth told the Port Washington News that Kaiman brings “excellent qualifications” to the position, including a law degree and a “thorough understanding of town government,” as well as “in-depth knowledge of the North Hempstead community.”

Bosworth said she was delighted to recommend Kaiman, touting her as “energetic, intelligent, with all the right credentials.” She added that Kaiman’s extensive experience in social media will be a major positive, “a significant factor in growing small businesses.”

Kaiman served for almost four years with former town supervisor, May Newburger. During that time she worked as director of legislative affairs for the town and also served on the Nassau County Industrial Development Agency, whose mission is similar to that of the BTDC.

Just in office a short time, Kaiman told the Port News that with her work experiences, which include her theater background, she is already putting plans into motion. First, she has made sure to meet with each town council member, to learn about each one’s community. A main focus will be on downtowns, working with Chamber of Commerce members and revitalizing the areas.

In addition to building up each community, Kaiman is interested in boosting the town as a whole, publicizing North Hempstead as an interesting place to visit, with real “destinations.” Places like the newly-renamed Gold Coast Arts Center in Great Neck, with its classes, movies and productions, are sure to bring neighbors and tourists to the community and, it is hoped, introduce them to all the area has to offer.

Along these lines, Kaiman has set a goal to get information about the town “out there” to entice visitors.

As a part of this push to promote the town, Kaiman said that movies and television shows are already slated to film here, with more to come. Although this is a “long-term goal,” according to Kaiman, “It’s already happening.”

Kaiman left her positions in the town as her husband stepped into the town supervisor spot. It was not something that she had to do, but something that she felt was “the right thing to do.” Delighted to be back at work in North Hempstead, Kaiman is excited to get to work, calling her new job “a perfect fit.”