In Support Of Susan Miller


Susan is mother to one of my closest friends, David Rosenblatt. We both attended Port Schools together, and became close in high school when I joined the theatre program. As David and I grew closer, Susan welcomed me into the family with open arms, treating me as another one of her children. This included feeding me, driving me places, advising me on school and relationships, and of course lecturing me about those things as well, not to mention many other motherly duties. Now I am not going to pretend to know the first thing about what goes into being a great trustee for a public library. But I do know that Susan has what is universally accepted that every job requires: A tremendous work ethic, dedication, a huge heart and a solid vision. She will be able to get things done for the Port Washington Public Library and make us more aware of all the wonderful things that are going on there. I have no doubt she will be a solid addition to the library just as she has been in my life.

—Richard Allen Blue

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